In the News

Lewis Road Property Named after Supervisor

Land for Park in Supervisor's Name to be Built into Healing Gardens

Fighter to the End, Parks Leaves Office

Hailed as "One of the Most Consequential Figures"

Parks leaves behind legacy "very difficult for anyone to replicate"

Recallers Fail to Get Signatures

Small Group of Extremists Upset by COVID Restrictions Lose

Ventura County Star Editorial: Recall is Being Misused

Recall Proponent Mails Chocolate Penis to Supervisor's Home

Clean Water Comes to Somis

County Well Treatment Facility Will Remove Iron and Manganese

Supervisor Parks Hosts Fire Safety Town Hall

Town Hall Preps Public

Community Hears Experts Present Best Practices to Prevent Wildfires

Strong County Budget Adopted

Enhances Homeless and Mental Health Services, Support for Business

Recall for Keeping People From Getting COVID?

Threat of Recall Doesn't Deter Parks' Actions to Protect People from COVID.

Supervisor Parks' Efforts for Monarchs Takes Flight

Facing Extinction, Board Approves County Action Plan

County Rebuffs False Claim of Vaccine Passport

Supervisor Parks Calls for Aligning with CDC Reduced Mask Requirements

Protections for Las Padres Forest and Carrizo Plain

Coalition Forms to Support Resources Protection

Who's Behind the Parks Recall Effort

Super PAC, Church and Restaurant that Defied Health Orders, Mask Protester

Parks Advocates for Expanded Access to Vaccine

Asks to lobby state to open up vaccinations to people in 60s and 50s

Progress Taken on Goals of Mass Shooting Task Force

Borderline Bar & Grill Tragedy Spawns Effort Against Violent Crisis Outcomes

Ventura County Plan Addresses Climate Change

2,500' Buffers Between Oil Wells and Schools, Climate Emergency Council

Board: Remove All Toxic Contamination from SSFL

Board of Supervisors: Clean Up All the Pollution

Supervisor Parks leads Board Approval of Letter to NASA

Coalition Seeks Undergrounding of Powerlines

Parks Leads Coalition to Eliminate Ignition Source of Wildfires

Supervisor Parks Sets Goal for Two Million Trees

Calls for Up to Two Million Trees by 2040, County to Plant 1,000 a Year

National Phoenix Award for Disaster Recovery Awardee

Supervisor Parks recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Recovery

Parks Asks for Alternatives to Glyphosate/RoundUp

County to stop using Round-Up and other Glyphosate Products

Study to Find Alternatives to Herbicide Considered Possible Carcinogen

Parks honored with Justice for Victims Award

District Attorney Awards Parks for her Actions After Mass Shooting

Developing with Nature

First-of-its-kind Zone Gives Wildlife a Fighting Chance

Wildlife Corridor Zone, Initiated by Supervisor Parks, Wins Approval at Board

Wildlife Corridor Zone Would Consider Wildlife Impacts When Developing

Supervisor Brings Volunteers in Policing to Oak Park

Brings Successful Program to Unincorporated Area

Parks' Ordinance Cracks down on Cockfighting

Ordinance Successfully Stymies Cockfighting

Commission Offers Free Bus Fare to College Students

VCTC Chair Parks Leads Effort to Help Out Struggling College Students

Board Says No to New Off-Shore Drilling

Resolution Supports Keeping Ban

Popular Bus Receives Funding, Looks to Expand

Kanan Shuttle Receives Another Partner, Supervisor Parks Looks for More

Parks' Labor of Love: Mental Health at Plant Nursery

Non-Profit "Growing Works" Nursery, A Natural Way for Therapy

Work Project for People with Mental Illness Takes Root

Supervisor Parks Opens Senior Summit on Technology

"Don't be a Dinosaur in a Tech Savvy World" Summit Offers Hands-On Training

Parks, Open Space Leader, Runs for Re-Election

Platform: Assisting People in Need, Fiscal Stewardship, Environmental Protection

City of Agoura Hills Agrees to Join Free Bus Fund

Kanan Shuttle Continues Free to Riders as Parks Looks to Expand Service

County Unveils New Seismically Safe, Trauma Hospital

State of the art operating rooms, pediatric, neonatal intensive care units

Supervisor Parks Organizes 'Unity in the Community'

Community Responds to Increase in Hate Crimes, Anti-Semitism, Bigotry
We All Must Join Against Hate

Leading the Charge on Wildlife Corridor Protections

First of its Kind Wildlife Corridor Zoning Would Protect Habitat and Connectivity SCAG General Assembly Supports Wildlife Crossing

Parks to Chair Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Sets Goal of providing a 101 freeway wildlife crossing in Agoura Hills

Voters Asked to Extend Open Space Protections

SOAR organizers look to preserve open space for future generations

A Director for SOAR, Parks Elated Voters approve extending SOAR to 2050

Ventura County Receives Highest Credit Score

Conservative financial and management practices pay off

Ahmanson Ranch Preservation Offers Inspiration

Ten years later: A fight worth having

Gathering celebrates 3,000 acres saved from development

Grassroots victory a reminder for others trying to save open space

Event commemorates largest parkland acquisition in region

Senior Summit Highlights Health Sevices

Free workshops and health screenings for senior citizens

Seniors receive free health advice

Homeless Fund Tapped for Fire Victims

County assists victims, including 15 children under five years old

County Completes Park

Santa Rosa Valley residents pleased to get their promised park

Long-Awaited Fix to Somis Intersection

Supervisor Parks pushes effort to relieve congestion and protect small town

County Shuttle Service Begins in Oak Park

Parks says service can reduce congestion and air pollution

Volunteers Join Together to Remove Graffiti

Graffiti Removal Intervention Team (GRIT) at CSUCI cleans up

Ban on X-Rated Filming in Neighborhood

Supervisor Parks Gets Law Restricting Filming Porn in Neighborhoods